Monday, April 30, 2012

My Alter Egos

Last weekend I took a break from my kitchen and went to Boston Comic Con. It was my very first time in Boston and I loved it! It was really beautiful and comic con was loads of fun. I'm not sure if you all know this, but when I'm not cooking, I like to run around pretending I'm a comic book character. For Boston, I brought out my favorite costume, 1960s TV Series Batgirl and threw together Danger Girl's Sydney Savage.

Here are a few pictures of my costumes.

 I even got a shoutout from the creator of Danger Girl, J. Scott Campbell!

 I'm back in the kitchen now, working on a Cinco de Mayo post for all of your fiestas!

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  1. Aw that's the best tweet EVER. I would be more inclined to agree IF YOU WERE AUSTRALIAN!